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Our Services

At Mattson Global we believe that brands are at the heart of B2B companies relationships with their customers. They shape all interactions with the customer. Every customer experience becomes a brand experience: each one impacts the perception of the company and its ability to drive sustained preference and intent to buy throughout the sales cycle.



We offer an extensive in-house PR department. Our clients benefit from our experienced PR team that works closely with our sales management to ensure a fast and efficient output. Mattson offers a full service PR strategy that can help you effectively communicate your brand to the right audience at the right time. 


With over 23 years of experience in the US, Mattson offers our clients expert knowledge in distribution throughout the US and into South America. With a vast network and supply chains that we work with, we can get your products to consumers without the hassle of direct distribution. 




Mattson Global works with the best designer and Beauty brands in Korea and beyond that are interested in introducing their products in the US market. We work directly with designers and refine their marketing strategies in order to appeal to the American consumer. We the find the best sales talent to get the brand into the hands of the right buyers.


Setting up your brand for overseas expansion can be a daunting task. We can help you with setting up your brand for success in the global market. With a focus on branding your product for the American consumer to helping you come up with the right products, Mattson will guide you through each step.


Data analysis and reports are drafted to help you understand your business and competitors.Local marketing and sales promote the successful creation of American branches of your business. With everything from wholesale to retail, we've got you covered.